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Forward Your First Email to the CV Inbox

Email to Main Inbox

When an email is received that is not associated with a conversation within an existing matter, the email arrives at the user's main inbox.  From the main inbox, the email can be deleted, added to an existing matter (along with the attachments which are saved automatically) or used to create a new matter.

Handling Emails from Main Inbox

Claimvoyance replaces the need for external email platforms and streamlines the process of dealing with incoming emails. When an email is received,  you can easily associate emails with specific matters, whether it's adding them to an existing matter or creating a new one, with a new matter opened directly from the the main inbox with just a click of a button.

Main Inbox

Organizations can streamline their email management process by centralizing all incoming emails to one location. By doing so, organizations can easily review and manage all incoming emails. With a simple click of a button users can send emails to existing matters, create new matters, or delete emails as needed.

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