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Claimvoyance is an all-in-one, automated claims management platform. Keep all tasks, docs, and emails in one place. Track activities and never miss a deadline again. Smash metrics and see profits soar.

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“Claimvoyance has revolutionized our workflow. The seamless integration, intuitive interface and streamlined processes have helped transform our tasks into triumphs, making work more enjoyable and results more achievable"

Christine Cohen

“With Claimvoyance, I can focus on moving the needle for my clients to resolve cases without spending hours on other tasks. Plus, it gives me more time to enjoy my personal life."

Eduardo Ramirez

“Claimvoyance has revolutionized my workload, allowing me to focus on what truly matters - providing exceptional service to my clients. Its advanced AI capabilities have streamlined my claims process, giving me the freedom to achieve more than I ever thought possible."

Danielle Sandhagen
Claim Manager & Appraiser

“Solving property headaches just got easier! Claimvoyance is like a wizard for handling litigated property claims. It's got all the cool tech tricks to incorporate full automation and stays on top of Florida state statutes and deadlines. Say goodbye to worries – this program makes dealing with property stuff a breeze!"

Natisha Dycus
Independent Adjuster & Estimator

Created by outsiders focused on solving the property insurance crisis

Claimvoyance was engineered by tech entrepreneurs outside the industry who saw a need to help stabilize the property insurance crisis by maximizing efficiency and decreasing costs.
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Made for all parties involved in property damage claims

Legal Teams & Defense Attorneys

For legal teams handling property damage claims, Claimvoyance is a game-changer. It takes care of all the nitty-gritty tasks, cuts down on mistakes, and keeps everything nicely organized. This means legal pros can focus on the important stuff, track claims in real-time, and keep clients happy, all while staying ahead in the game.

Public Adjusters

Claimvoyance isn't just a fancy tool – it's a lifeline for public adjusters. This slick property damage claims automation software is like having a trusty sidekick. It sorts out tasks, kicks out errors, and keeps everything neat and tidy. So, public adjusters can tackle the real challenges, stay on top of claims, and keep clients smiling, all while owning the game.

Insurance Companies

This property damage claims automation software allows insurance companies to ensure that all adjuster emails and documents are uploaded because claim communication occurs within Claimvoyance. Emails and attachments are automatically uploaded and can be shared with others without the need for a separate file sharing software.

The software ensures statutory compliance with all deadlines including responses to Notices of Intent and Civil Remedy Notices, with adjusters preparing claim specific responses in seconds. Adjuster email and letters are automated and include links to automated Forms that schedule appointments such as inspections in seconds.

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Automate all your emails, letters, forms, and tasks with just a few clicks. All your information is centralized in an easy to user interface.

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