Premade template library of every task list, letter, email, and form you'll need to close claims.
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Get unlimited access to a library full of all the docs, forms, and email templates needed for every step of the claim, all the way through trial, if needed. These libraries are automatically kept up to date as laws an policies change around insurance claims.Simply assign, generate, email, and track to never miss a deadline.

Task Lists

Within the comprehensive feature set of the Claimvoyance platform, the "Library" offers a dynamic "Task Lists" tool. These customizable lists automate your workflow by defining the specific steps required for each claim. Whether you're a claims adjuster or manager, this feature enhances your efficiency by ensuring all necessary tasks are completed on schedule, ultimately boosting productivity.

Doc Templates

The Claimvoyance "Library" boasts an extensive collection of "Doc Templates." These pre-made documents and letters cater to every stage of the claim process, simplifying document creation and ensuring consistency and professionalism in your interactions with clients and stakeholders.

Email Templates

The Library goes beyond documents, offering Email Templates that populate with matter-specific information, streamlining email communication.


Additionally, it includes a versatile "Forms" builder with form landing pages, making it easy to collect essential client information promptly. This feature optimizes your claims management process, enhancing data collection convenience and efficiency.

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