Your complete digital briefcase of everything related to your claim.
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A Matter is your complete digital briefcase of everything related to your claim. Track tasks, send emails, generate docs and forms all in the same workspace. No need to use several pieces of software. Everything you need is all under one roof.

Send & receive emails with Conversations

We offer seamless email integration feature that streamlines communication between users and clients. With the ability to send and receive emails directly within the platform, Claimvoyance ensures that all relevant information and updates are easily accessible in one centralized location. This feature not only enhances efficiency by eliminating the need to switch between different applications but also provides a comprehensive audit trail of all email interactions, simplifying the claims process and improving overall transparency and accountability.

Timeline Event Tracking

With the timeline, you can monitor and record every action taken during the claim's lifecycle. This feature supports transparency and accountability by providing a detailed history of events. It simplifies compliance and reporting while offering an efficient way to audit the process.


By automating document generation, task assignment, and email communication through pre-made templates, Claimvoyance significantly boosts efficiency. Users can swiftly generate necessary documents, assign tasks with precision, and send standardized emails, all in a few clicks. This automation not only accelerates processes but also minimizes the potential for errors, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout claims management.


Claimvoyance offers an invaluable feature for centralized contact management, making it effortless to store and access all your relevant contacts in one place for each matter. This capability streamlines the claim management process by providing a single repository for client, stakeholder, or expert contact information. Users can quickly access contact details, eliminating the need to search through scattered databases or files, resulting in increased efficiency and enhanced organization. Claimvoyance's centralized contact feature simplifies interactions, ensures accurate communication, and ultimately leads to a more efficient and effective claims management process.

Matter Fields

Claimvoyance offers a dynamic "matter fields" feature that allows users to customize data fields specific to each individual matter. This flexibility empowers users to tailor their data collection and management for different claims, ensuring that relevant information is accurately captured. By providing the ability to define and modify these matter-specific fields, Claimvoyance supports a highly adaptable and efficient claim management process. This feature simplifies data entry, improves accuracy, and provides a comprehensive overview of the unique attributes of each matter.

Documents and Folders

Efficiently store and access important documents related to claims. With a secure and organized repository, users can easily retrieve, review, and share critical files, ensuring all necessary information is at their fingertips. This feature streamlines the claims process by eliminating the need to search through physical or digital clutter, promoting organization and productivity. your data is more tructured, transparent, and accessible for stakeholders.

Email Templates

Use premade emails to simplify the process of sending standard emails in the context of claim management, reducing the need for repetitive manual drafting. Users can access and customize these templates to quickly respond to common inquiries, provide updates, or share relevant information. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and professionalism in email correspondence. Claimvoyance's email template feature empowers users to streamline communication, making it efficient, standardized, and user-friendly for effective claims handling.

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