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Create and assign tasks with a few clicks. Save time by automating your workflow.
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Assign tasks to track the progress of your claim. Build task lists, which are groups of tasks, assigning in just a few clicks to speed up the process even more. Your task lists include all the docs, forms, and email templates related to your claim all in one place. Prebuilt tasks lists are already made for you to easily handle any phases of the claims process.

Task Boards

Experience enhanced task management with our latest feature, providing you with intuitive Task Boards. This visually dynamic tool allows you to easily monitor all your tasks with status columns. You can conveniently drag and drop tasks to change their status, ensuring real-time updates and efficient tracking. Click on any task to instantly view and edit its details, streamlining your task management experience.


Never miss a deadline again with the Reminders feature. For each task, you can set personalized reminders, guaranteeing that critical timelines are always met. Whether it's a claims adjuster's deadline or a managerial milestone, this functionality ensures that important dates and commitments are never overlooked.

Task Lists

Simplify your workflow by harnessing the power of Task Lists. These task groups allow you to automate your processes, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. With the ability to categorize and manage your tasks effectively, you can optimize your daily operations and boost productivity. This feature is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for efficient task management.

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Task Management
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