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See how Claimvoyance enhanced the productivity of the law firm, StrubleCohen

In the fast-paced world of claim attorneys, efficiency and productivity are key to success. Law firms must handle a myriad of tasks, from document generation to client communication, with precision and speed. StrubleCohen, a prominent law firm, recognized the need to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. Their solution? Claimvoyance – a versatile claims management platform that has revolutionized their workflow.


StrubleCohen: A Brief Introduction

StrubleCohen, a respected law firm specializing in personal injury and insurance claims, has long been a trusted partner for their clients. They pride themselves on their dedication to providing top-notch legal services, but they were looking for ways to improve their internal processes and client interactions.

The Claimvoyance Difference

Claimvoyance, with its comprehensive set of features, offered StrubleCohen the solution they needed. Let's dive into how this innovative platform transformed their operations:

1. Automated Document Generation

One of the most time-consuming tasks in a law firm is document creation. Claimvoyance's automation capabilities allowed StrubleCohen to generate documents, such as legal agreements, contracts, and claims paperwork, with incredible ease. This not only reduced the risk of human error but also significantly sped up the document preparation process, allowing the legal team to focus on more critical tasks.

2. Streamlined Client Communication

Effective client communication is a cornerstone of legal services. Claimvoyance's "Conversations" feature simplified client interactions by providing an email-like interface within the platform. This centralized all communication, ensuring that every team member had access to essential client correspondence. With the ability to attach documents, include form links, and utilize email templates, StrubleCohen enhanced their professionalism and client responsiveness.

3. Enhanced Security

StrubleCohen deals with sensitive and confidential client information daily. Claimvoyance's robust security features, including access tiers, data encryption, and OAuth2 authorization, added an extra layer of protection to their data. This assurance allowed the law firm to handle their clients' information with the utmost care and professionalism.

4. Efficient Task Management

Claimvoyance's task management tools were a game-changer for StrubleCohen. Task boards, reminders, and task lists allowed them to organize, assign, and track tasks within their team efficiently. This not only improved task accountability but also reduced the chances of critical deadlines being missed.

The Results

By implementing Claimvoyance, StrubleCohen experienced a remarkable boost in productivity. The time saved on routine tasks allowed their legal professionals to dedicate more time to complex legal matters and providing exceptional client service. The streamlined client communication process enhanced the client experience, making them even more competitive in the market.


Claimvoyance has undoubtedly revolutionized the way StrubleCohen operates. By automating document generation, centralizing client communication, and enhancing data security, they've achieved newfound productivity and efficiency. The legal world is a competitive one, and StrubleCohen's partnership with Claimvoyance has positioned them as leaders in their field, setting an example for other law firms looking to enhance their productivity and improve client services. With Claimvoyance, the possibilities for legal firms like STRUBLECOHEN are endless, and the path to success is more straightforward than ever.

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